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We're in full on pack mode now, getting close to ready for the Friday move.

Obama @Fountain Square

I haven't felt too bad about the whole President thing until last night, I started getting cold chills down my back. Whats going to happen when the hangover wears off? This is scary stuff, talking about hope and change is all well and good, but for some reason everyone that voted for Obama forgot their 5th grade government lessons. The executive branch can't change anything, only the legislative branch can. Are all those entrenched Representatives and Congress people going to be anymore willing to stick their necks out for Obama than they were with Bush or Clinton?
I think deep down you already know the answer to that.

Parker Flats Jan 2 2009

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  1. Ethics reform, White House staff pay freezes, Guantanamo Bay will be closed in 1 year, and massive government transparency actions have been taken. All in a day's work.

  2. Change begins at the top my friend. Randy Simes give us a pretty good eample.

  3. Yeah, Pelosi promised all transparency too. Turned into a democrat spending spree.