first-ever all-mascot Broomball Game

I could only think of a couple mascots and I was wondering where they were going to dig up enough for a broomball game, but dig them up they did.
A mascot for the Northern Kentucky Health Department?
Who knew?
But there was a huge crowd, bigger than any I'd seen last year, crazy.

all-mascot Broomballall-mascot Broomballall-mascot Broomballall-mascot Broomball

You need to go just to listen to these guys call the game, hilarious!!

all-mascot Broomball
[where:fountain square plaza cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square



  1. I really gotta get my hands on this qik. That video quality is pretty nice considering the iPhone camera isn't all that great.

  2. This following on the halftime entertainment at the last Bengals game - WhoDey and the mascots vs. a Forest Hills Pee Wee football time. Billed as the 2nd annual, it featured such highlights as Rosie Red getting sacked by a 3rd grader, and Erma (from Max and...) losing her head being tackled in the end zone. And the kids won. Definitely better entertainment than the Bengals...

  3. That sounds awesome Beth, the kids were having a blast last night too.

  4. This was so much fun! And from the angle of your pictures, I think I was standing right next to you! :)

  5. What the heck is that playing goalie??? My favorite mascots are Tap Water Ted (NKY Water District) and Splash McClean (Sanitation District #1 in NKY). Ted is a giant water droplet and Splash is a huge fish.
    Can't believe I missed that. My boys would have loved it.

  6. "What the heck is that playing goalie???"

    It's Binny, the Rumpke Recycling mascot!