twitter and Jeni's

Seems like an appropriate topic today with the twitter world on fire with the elections.
One fast aside, does the internet have a Democrat bias or is it just me?
So, twitter its hard to explain and doesn't make much sense until you start following 20 or so people, the transparent flow of ideas and information is just amazing.
Here's the last 100 updates from people following me.
And, as a practical example of how it can be useful a couple weeks ago in Columbus I twittered that we were in Columbus and almost immediately I get a reply back from Jackie in California that we must try Jeni's.
And then we did, incredible ice cream for sure, I can't recommend it enough if you find yourself on Short North you must try Jeni's.
And twitter.
Jeni's Ice CreamJeni's Ice CreamJeni's Ice CreamJeni's Ice Cream
[where:714 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215]


  1. As a Short North area resident, I'd really be interested in a post of yours with your take on the area and how you feel it compares/contrasts with Cincinnati.

  2. Jenni's is unique. Cannot say that it holds a candle to the satisfying richness of Graeters. But it was a fun change of pace to typical ice cream.

    Love the Short North. But I would never give up the hills and lush trees of Cincinnati.

    Short North is nice because of it's length and depth. No Cincinnati neighborhoods have that many shops. But Cincinnati has so many more neighborhoods just like it. But they are all only a few blocks of businesses in comparison.

    There is also a bit of a hipster/yuppie mix going on that Cincinnati only has in separate areas. I have a feeling once Cincinnati has a Streetcar connection that will change dynamics significantly in Cincy.

  3. There you go Jeff, ekalb said it better than I could.

  4. Graeters is good, but not being from Cincinnati, its just another ice cream shop to me.
    Sorry Cincinnati peeps.

  5. i love jeni's. graeter's is nothing special to me.