Allyn's Cafe

Saturday ended up a good day to get in a ton of errands that were put off forever, but not a very good day to be in a hurry, which I wasn't. Not driving much anymore I have morphed into a much more relaxed driver, I don't have all the road rage pent up. Anywho after a whole day of jumping in and out of a car in the cold rain trying to find somewhere to eat was a little more challenging. We never eat this early on Saturdays so I thought at 7 we could just stroll in somewhere sit down and eat, but the first place we went was packed, as was the second and finally we ended up at Allyn's which wasn't a step down at all.
Then off to Rachel Getting Married which I, in horror feared would be a romantic tear-jerker but no, Rachel had to be the heaviest, darkest wedding movie I've seen.
I thought it was brilliant, shot in low def with some different angles and seemingly catching the actors in vulnerable moments. I didn't even realize until this morning that Debra Winger portrayed Kim and Rachel's disenganged mother, boy does she look different.

Allyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's CafeAllyn's Cafe
[where:3538 Columbia Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45226]
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  1. I just went to Allyn's for the first time on Friday and really enjoyed my experience. I got the Chimichanga (which was great), the service was pleasant, and the atmosphere remind me of my time in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area.

  2. Been way too long since I went to Allyn's. Thx for the visual reminder of why I should do so.

  3. Bob, head there some Sunday night, expect a crowd, these boys rock...

    In 1991 when Allyn's opened it's doors for business a close friend of Allyn's, Marcos Sastre, approached him saying he had a great band that would like to play there on Sunday nights. Sunday was generally an off night for the band as well as many other musicians and restaurant workers. Seventeen years later, seven CD's, many band member changes, but a band that is in it's prime Marcos and Allyn's owns the Sunday night music scene. Blues, funk, originals, and R&B highlight the eight piece band. The band features Marcos Sastre on lead guitar and vocals, Rick 'Bam' Powell on percussion and vocals, Steve Schmidt, keyboards, Adam Scovanner, bass, vocals, Chris Arduser percussion, Randy Villars leading up the horn section on alto and tenor saxaphone, Eric Campbell, trombone, and Allyn Raifstanger (Allyn himself) on trumpet. Songs including originals, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Van Morrison, and Tower of Power are played to the crowds delight every Sunday from 9 till 1am. Allyn's is the "place to be" on Sunday night.