Fire & Ice Soiree

Crazy, crazy night.
Super mild night calls for a walk so grab a cigar a camera and roll.
One thing I love about Cincinnati is stumbling into stuff. Turning onto 4th street AVSart is all lit up, totally forgot they had that Fire and Ice thing going on so I hang out and talk to Andrew and he gives me a skoolin on Dobson's Skyline Chili Last Supper that he and Kevin White also collaborated on, it literally stopped me dead on the street.
Fire & Ice Soiree
Why all these events and their 41 and under, 31 and under rules?
If you don't want to run into the 5chw4r7z, just go to Sully's or Blackfinn with the guys who haven't mastered tucking in their shirts, I guarantee you'll never see me there.
While I'm on that subject, girls, you can't find Mr. Right yet on a Friday night you wait in line an hour and pay a cover to get into bars to see guys who can't tuck in their shirt or tie their shoes?
Do I really need to explain this?
Fire & Ice Soiree
On the subject of crazy, when people people ask "can I ask you a question" it must be rhetorical because I say no and they go straight into how their girlfriend/mom/wife/grandma got mad and dumped them downtown 83 miles from home without so much as a bus ticket and thats when I usually cut them off and say no again and they're like "damn thats cold"
Fire & Ice Soiree
But their homeless reverse psychology ain't making me the bad guy.
As my ol Dad would say, "I was born at night but it wasn't last night" and besides, cigars don't exactly grow on trees and I got vices to support too.
Fire & Ice Soiree
Ok, maybe that is a little cold, as they say "damn so thats how it is?" yep sorry, thats the way it is.[where:315 West 4th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202]
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  1. Ell. Emm. Aye. Oh.
    Good to know there's at least one other sane person on this planet.