No ones talking about Iraq now

The surge is paying off in spades now, violence is the lowest its ever been, and the Iraqi security forces are coming online faster than expected.
Obama last year drew a line in the sand and thats where he was going to define his foreign policy on the mistake of the surge. Guess the judgment he talks about all the time was way off on that.
But the biggest factor in reduced violence has to go to the thousands of drones operating in the skies over Iraq. The Air Force insists that only pilots can operate a drone, so they've been scooping up everyone thats ever used a flight simulator to operate them.



  1. Violence has decreased because of 4 things:
    1. Sunni awakening
    2. The surge
    3. Increased segregation / ethnic cleansing of districts
    4. Direct payments of US taxpayer dollars to potential insurgents

    The surge should have happened 3 years earlier and the payments to potential insurgents is due to end next month. Meanwhile there is no end in sight to the $10 billion a month we are spending, while our debt grows.

    I wouldn't call it a roaring success yet.

  2. Obama has defined his foreign policy on the mistake of ever entering into this misguided war in Iraq to begin with. He has been critical of just about every aspect of this war because he finds it fundamentally wrong.

    Seeing as how there are no WMDs to speak of and our occupation of Iraq has essentially enabled Iran to grow to the dangerous state it's in now I don't see how he's been wrong.

  3. My point being that he made a big stand that the surge was dangerous and reckless and he was selling himself on his judgment.
    He was way off on the surge which calls his judgment into question.
    Biden was for the Iraq war so I think that issue is a wash.

  4. you've got to be the only neocon living downtown

  5. If I'm not mistaken, today is the day we quit paying off insurgents to behave, so we shall see how it plays out in the coming weeks.

  6. Like Randy said, Obama built his popularity on opposition to the war. Congressional Democrats campaigned on the same platform.

    Now Obama's at the peak of his powers and seems to have shrunken from his earlier fervor. Back then he pledged to end the war, now he even talks about winning it. Democrats own both houses and could stop the war with a stroke of the pen any time they want. And yet they can't manage to live up to their promise either.

    So which is it? Have they realized what Bush has been saying all along, that the global war on terror is a necessary evil, and it's better fought there than here? Or are Obama & Congress just too gutless to close the deal?

  7. People, stop letting the small issues distract you. This is not an election about McCain vs Obama, it's about taking back our country, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court. Puppet Bush has violated his sworn oath of office to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." This Plutocracy has trampled on the very essence of what this country was founded on, raped our economy, bleed the poor and middle class, made the rich richer, ruined our image around the world, branded us as torturers. Our elected President and vice President are duly sworn to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." I hesitate to refer to Bush as "elected" since they tampered with BOTH elections.

    The "war on terror" has been used to strip our rights from the very beginning. The Bush Administration has been ripping our Constitution and Bill of Rights into shreds, piece by piece all under the guise of the war on terrorism and we are the losers. The 911 attacks were very likely conveniently "allowed" to happen, defined by the "Project for the New American Century" comprised most of Bushies administration. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, and Paul Wolfowitz among others, the PNAC stated in September 2000 they needed a “new Pearl Harbor”. In September 2001 they got their wish.

    The majority of the American people are lazy Faux News watching fools, pawns, failing to educate themselves to the truth beneath the smoke cloud this administration blows, they are herded by the hijacked, inept media and are unable to institute a true democracy and take back their government from the rich and powerful.

    Anyone who votes Republican and makes less than the the 5 mil middle class threshold defined by McCain is a pawn, confused and used. That aside, the thought of having anyone who "speaks in tongues" as Palin does both in her religion and in interviews, with their finger on the button should drive anyone except the most whacked neocon to Obama. I am no huge Obama fan but given the choices I would vote for Bozo the Clown right now, anything is better than the lying McBush and vacuous Palin.

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  9. Sorry, for some reason it double posted so i killed the second one.

  10. Oh yes, calling us ignorant Jesus freaks is very constructive.
    So as a Democrat you don't feel used by the coastal Elite?

    I remember Kerry saying;
    "The elite is neat and the masses are asses"

    And Bush is trampling and destroying American?
    Remember the Spanish American war in 1895 were we went to war to help the NY Times sell newspapers?
    America carried on a genocide of the native people on this continent for a century or so.
    Half of George Washington's cabinet was convicted of corruption.
    We dropped the A bomb and Japan.
    Clinton turned his back while terrorist had a free hand blowing up US embassies in Africa and bombing our warships.
    So please spare me the horse crap the Bush is bringing anything new to the table.

  11. I said nothing about Jesus freaks, I am not a Democrat, I am a staunch Libertarian. I agree the masses are the asses. All politicians are crooks in my eyes, my theory is they are all "guilty until proven innocent, and very few have ever proven themselves innocent".

    As to Bush, sorry but you elected the worst President EVER, a new low this week 26% approval, even the stout neocons are starting to get it. This administration brought the rape of American Liberty to the table. To me this election is about restoring our rights and the lesser of the evils. Your point is you want to continue to support irresponsible government?