"Friday Night Blows"

Someone has fun trapped outside, could you swing by and bring it in?

"Friday Night Blows"

Ah this is more fun with fun in the house!
"Friday Night Blows"
I wanted to go to one of these all last year and every time we had something planned.
Glass blowing was for sure invented by a post-monastic technophile recluse around the time of Jesus.
Come on, glass blowing, puffing on rods, glory holes? Tell me the dude wasn't a little warped, s#!t is too weird even for me to make up.
"Friday Night Blows"

The temperature of the glass must be equal to the quotient of the mass of material minus the derivative of the ambient air temperature times the differentiation of the ferrous rod used to spinning the material!
If you had studied Leibniz closer you would know you could calculate it faster using the second fundamental theorem of calculus ....
"Friday Night Blows"
When Charon ferries you across the Styx, it will probably look something like this.
"Friday Night Blows""Friday Night Blows"
They said to bring sunglasses because of the heat and light the hot glass gives off. Sure you could go with that, but the real reason is to just look super cool with the aviators on!
"Friday Night Blows"[where:532 East 12th Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio over the rhine art

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