Up in the Air

Some weekends are slow nothing to do and then once a month you get a weekend like this past one, you just can't cram everything in. Sweetest day of course dictated drinks and a decadent desert so off to Twist.


AVSArt Saturday night had an interesting mix of graphic/graffiti art and an eclectic mix of people. This Thursday the various artist will all be in the gallery working on one big piece.

Up in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArtUp in the Air @AvsArt

Then as has become our tradition, after a opening at AVSArt we always walk over to Nada, we have this down to a science, when we got there they walked us right in and sat us at a table. If they know I'm going to be blogging it, they only smile and keep it to themselves.
This is still my #1 favorite downtown eatery , no matter what some of the other snobs say.
You know who you are.
Winemedineme left me speechless with the statement, "5chw4r7z you either really like something or hate it."
Wow, how did she sum me up like that in one simple statement?
Its weird you can know something about yourself but it takes someone else to wrap it up nice and tidy and toss it there in your lap.

NadaNadaNada[where:downtown cincinnati 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Looks like fun! I covet the chips at Nada. Also really like their ceviche. Good times :)

  2. Twist and Nada...what a great combination.