Falcon Theater and York St Cafe

When we got to Falcon Theater and I saw how small it was, I didn't really know what to expect. Sometimes the talent at these small places can be sketchy. I shouldn't have worried, the acting friday night was first class, easily one of the best acted shows I've seen this year. And as good as the cast was, when Don Volpenhein came on stage you could feel everyone in the audience lean back and collectively gasp, as Barry Klemper's estranged father, he didn't just portray a real bastard of a father, he almost made you believe he was an actual real bastard of a father.
Aside from the outstanding cast, the small space was always going to be challenging and they did as good a job as they could with the stage.
Its too late for you to see this show, but I strongly encourage you to make it to Monmouth St this winter to see another of their shows.
I know I will.

Falcon Theater

Continuing the good vibes happening Friday night, on the spur of the moment we decided to hit York St. Cafe as we drove past it on the way to the theater.
York St gets hamburgers, just padded enough to keep it from falling apart instead of packing it solid like everyone else seems to do.
This burger was awesome.
The restaurant is quirky and interesting and super cozy as we gabbed our meal away.

York St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. CafeYork St. Cafe
[where:738 York St Newport Ky 41071]

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