Free Lunch

Some times there is, once in a blue moon.
UC had the launch party for "Proudly Cincinnati" their campaign to raise $800 million.
I know one thing, the Spicy Pickle is the bomb!, I'll be hitting that place in the future.
Oh yeah, and the largest inflatable Bearcat in the world.

Proudly CincinnatiProudly Cincinnatibearcat

Whats funny is after we got back talking about it, half my co-workers jumped up and ran over and came back grumbling about this or that wasn't right.
What part of free are they making so hard?
Grab something, sit down and enjoy it.
Am I too simple?
[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. The Spicy Pickle is quite good. I haven't been there is a while...thanks for the reminder.

  2. I ate at the spicy Pickle once. It was pretty good. The only disappointment was, of all things, the pickle.