Militant Language: a play with sand

Running at the Know Theatre through mid-November is a dramatic tale of a tragic misunderstanding at a construction site in war-torn Iraq. I was ready, going in for a full blown political statement on the war, but thats not what it was at all. A complex tale of soldiers, on their level not a higher political one.
The show was well cast including Jeff Groh who was totally believable as Capt. Davis Crane, he's either been in the military or has captured every conceivable stereotype about commanding troops. The stage set impressed as a construction site with scaffolding all around and this being Iraq the ever present sand.
One thing about sand, if you are sensitive to dust, sit well back because some scenes heck up a heck of a dust storm, gives you a new appreciation for what they have to deal with over there.

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As a bonus, we helped celebrate Doug's 31st birthday and ate Greater's ice cream cake.

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