too close for comfort

As long as the spider was at the far, un-used end of the porch the spider was a novelty, something to go out and look at in the evening to see what was going on. to stare out while talking on the phone. But one day the spider worked his way down and made a web in the middle of the porch, way to close to the table we sit at and read.
This was no good so it was time for the spider to go.
Imagine the fireball created by a lighter and an aerosol can.
This fireball was probably at least twice that big.
The spider was simply gone, I couldn't even find random burnt traces.

[where:135 garfield place cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown spider


  1. You know, spiders eat all of the really nasty bugs. Poor guy.

  2. Relocation might have been an option, if it is out in the open, around here they are not a problem. Spider identification can be difficulty. Fortunately very few species pose any real threat in terms of a venomous or poisonous bite. The one you have to watch for here is the Brown Recluse, usually found in abandon sheds and out buildings. VERY nasty. FYI a great bug ID resource is.