Banana Bean Cafe

We headed up to the frozen tundra of Northeast Ohio over the weekend but before we left I got a hot tip from a Cincinnati ex-pat living in C-Bus that we had to try out a new restaurant just south of downtown.
I was just a little disappointed pulling into the parking lot Friday afternoon, it sure didn't look like much, an old gas or service station?
But don't let the unassuming exterior scare you off, once inside the Banana Bean had a warm, beachy feel almost like vacation at the ocean.
The food is some of the most flavorful I've had this side of Nada, the Floridabean Jerk Chicken was incredible.
I'm going to be making excuses to go to C-Bus just to stop here again.

The banana beanThe banana beanThe banana beanThe banana beanThe banana beanThe banana bean[where:340 Greenlawn Ave Columbus, OH 43223]


  1. Yeah wow...that exterior is disgusting. They need to do something with that.

  2. Yep, we acquired the building too late in the season for our contractors to do anything with the outside, spring time it will look very "Floribbean"!!!
    Angela Caskey