the Brodi3mans @City View Tavern, exactly how many beers are a few?

Seems I'm on a burger quest lately and City View's have been the best I've had. And the cheapest. Is there a correlation there? Sitting out on the deck wasn't unbearable either last night with a good breeze blowing up the hill.

City View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View TavernCity View Tavern
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  1. If you haven't already, you should check out Zip's in Mt. Lookout. By far my fav, though I haven't gone there as much since I moved downtown and they went Pepsi...

  2. Dude you found my old hideout! When I was in sales and needed to sit somewhere, chill, catch up, return calls, or between calls I would head to CityView. Killer burgers and cold beer. This and the Blind Lemon are the best places to hide in the Mount.

    You have to do the burger Holy Trinity, Terry's Turf, Zip's and Quatman's. Visit all three in one day for serious evaluation. I might even be tempted to accompany you on that quest, humm 3 burgers in a few hours, better bring the Tums.

  3. I've been to Zips before but for some reason don't remember much about it. Terry's Turf I've heard people rave about and thats next on the list. Terry's is actually where we were headed last January when we got lost and ended up at Lebo's in California.

  4. Watch your timing at TTC it can be very busy, go off hours, call ahead, ask what the wait is and try and go when Terry is there. Be sure and corner him and have him give you the rundown on fresh drinks and food specials. I suggest the Salty Dogs's or Cosmos Burger of your choice, he even has a Foie gras burger at times. FYI charge your camera up, it's a great photo op.