The Wind Studies Library

I need to preface this by saying I've just finished chugging through the 7 Harry Potter books, which I might add were very good.
But as I walked past the Wind Studies Library my imagination kicked in and I started thinking about how cool this library would be in Harry's world.
On a gloomy day it would be nice to pull down the tome of Summer and open it to the chapter of soft breezes and as the pages gently fluttered you'd feel a nice warm wind maybe with hints of freshly mown lawns.
After a particularly strenuous workout, the hardback on blustery October evenings would be perfect.
Having a confrontational exchange? The manuscript of August thunderstorms would be just whats called for.
Whatever you do in here, don't knock over a stack of books, could be very bad.

wind studies
[where:3255 eden ave cincinnati ohio 45267]university cincinnati ohio wind studies

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