Friday night fun; Fountain Square, t-shirts and outsider art

There was just to much going on downtown last Friday, it was hard to decide what to do. The NAACP had packed up and left although there still seemed to be huge crowds on Fountain Square, and of course the Reds were also in town. The T-Shirt Fest was interesting, the creativeness of people poking fun at or cheer leading Cincinnati was good to see. A couple of these such as Wire+Twine have been featured on national blogs.

Fountain Square T-Shirt Fest!Fountain Square T-Shirt Fest!Fountain Square T-Shirt Fest!Fountain Square T-Shirt Fest!

Shawn told me he was there all day slaving away, but I have photographic proof thats not true.
Fountain Square T-Shirt Fest!

Onto 4th Street and AVSArt for Kevin White's exhibit. After seeing a show at the Nicholas Gallery I've been interested in outsider art, and while that seems to be a controversial term, its widely used in the art community.
As an aside I was so taken in at the first show I went to I got a piece by Courtney Cooper.
I really liked Mr Whites show, he's got something there, bright primary colors, stylized animals and tons of smiley faces that I really loved, if I could only talk Ms 5chw4r7z into Turtle Farm...

AVSArtAVSArt[where:315 West Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown art t-shirt

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