life and supporting your neighborhood Starbucks before its too late.

Nothing like waking up early to the sounds of birds singing, crickets chirping and
jackhammers jackhammering

street dept.street dept.

The internet chatter is abuzz with talk of Starbucks shuttering 600 underperforming stores and I remembered I had a gift card left from Christmas. Nows the time to use it, can you believe I actually have to walk four blocks to Starbucks?
Crazy right, I better support them now, if they close I'll have to walk another 2 blocks.

Starbucks on Fountain Square

Its doesn't seem that long ago but 21 years ago today I met Ms. 5chw4r7z and she hasn't got tired of me yet.[where:fountain square 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square starbucks

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