Mr. Gorbachev "tear down this wall"


Barack Obama rekindles memories of JFK and Reagan in Berlin

Now that Obama has won the German primary and moved on to France am I the only person disturbed by this?
Is Obama ass-kissing socialists in Europe really suppose to impress me that he's the best solution to our capitalist issues? Is he that clueless that he can compare himself to Reagan staring down the Soviet Union?

Somehow he is missing the point that while he has no business there as a candidate, Kennedy and Reagan strolled into Germany as a personification of the American people projecting projecting power into Eastern Europe.
There is absolutely no comparison.
JFK literally jumped over the fence in Russia's back yard and planted a big wet one on Mrs. Khrushchev lips then punched her husband in the nose.


  1. What he represents is what would be a bold change in how America deals with its Allies and international diplomacy as a whole.

    When we try to solve global issues (be it terrorism, communism, or whatever) we are much more successful with a host of allies than we are going it alone. This can be seen most recently with Iraq.

  2. I think he should be more concerned with what I think, as an American citizen, than what a bunch of socialist in Germany think.

  3. His speech highlighted his American interests..some of which were not popular with the German crowd (i.e. the urging of our European allies to put troops forward to support efforts in Afghanistan).

    I think for many Americans, including myself, that it is important how we deal with our allies. I think it is a flawed mentality to think we can go it alone in international diplomacy.

    And for as Socialist as much of Europe is...they have a stronger currency, better health standards, lower crime, better environment, and better education standards. I don't think it is a sign of weakness to look at what other countries may do better than us, and admit where we can improve.

  4. really?
    I think we may have to agree to disagree that Europe is better in any area than we are. yes the Euro is strong right now do to the fact that the fed has lowered our interest rate. If they raise it again the Euro will plunge. I could make the argument that every currency on earth is totally dependent on what the Fed does.
    I would like to hear how Obama's thoughts on Iraq have changed since his visit. He voted against the surge saying it would cause increased casualties, it hasn't they've plunged. He said that the current Iraqi government would never make hard decisions and they have and have begun reclaiming the economy from the militants.
    He's got my vote to lose, so he has work to do.

  5. This tour of Obama's was nothing but a photo-op / sound-byte gathering expedition for a guy with next to no experience in foreign affairs who wants to be president.
    I am sure it will play well with shallow and naive yunguns.