When I was young lying in the grass I felt so safe in the warming bath of sunlight

I'm really getting annoyed at the Fox19 campaign "SHH he's coming" advertising and I guess they want to get our anticipation peaked until we can't stand it. They better not replace Frank Marzullo, a fellow Youngstownian expat. Hopefully it will be the old guy that gets axed.

Installing wireless equipment in the Gross and Applied Anatomy labs I noticed a box full of saws and hammers. Construction stuff left over? I walked closer and noticed resin or something similarly dark on the tools and thats when I noticed a bag and a box of bones behind it. ^shudder^ man thats gruesome, I wouldn't have the constitution to be a doctor for sure, I had an upset stomach the rest of the day.

I came across a blogger who kind of reminds me of me four years ago, in a brand new city he knows nothing about but chomping at the bit to explore. If or when you decide you'd like company, give me a shout centsinnati.

UPDATE: thanks to Kate I've learned it isn't Frank thats leaving.

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  1. My wife had to take gross anatomy at UC a few years back in that room, and just the thought of walking BY the lab would turn my stomach.

    I'll tell you this: she couldn't eat roast beef for a few years after taking gross anatomy.