Obama on Fountain Square

Some thoughts,
He made sense on about 66% of his ideas which is the sum total of Gore and Kerry put together.
But I disagree with him on education and big business.
He wants CEOs to worry more about workers and consumers than the bottom line?
Won't market forces do that?
Do we really need to screw up capitalism, the one thing we haven't totally f'd up yet?
But I did like a lot of things he said about equality, maybe he could effect change.
What if he could?
Don't know, but I don't get a feeling of dread from him like I did Kerry.

Obama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain Square
LMAO! This is hysterical if you know me.
Obama @Fountain SquareObama @Fountain Square[where:520 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square obama speech naacp


  1. Looks like there was an enormous turnout. I can't wait for the debates where his substance can shine through along with his magnificent oratory skills.

    One of my favorite policies of his is the $4,000 college tax credit that would be available for anyone willing to serve their country (i.e. Peace Corps, local volunteer efforts, etc). He puts it brilliantly when he says, "you invest in your country and we'll invest in you."

  2. My theory is if you want to fix this country require every 20 year old to either go in the military or the Peace Corp for X time BUT they have to serve that time in a 3rd world country.

  3. Wow...market forces will take care of the working poor and conned consumers??? What planet are you living on??? The "market forces" I think you are referring to are called unionization and regulation, though I doubt you are supportive of either. I also find it interesting that you think capitalism is somehow impenetrable. The only reason your precious capitalism survives as it is today is because it's on life-support through government intervention...

  4. The planet of common sense.
    I always found it surprising that people who preach tolerance and understanding somehow at the same time want draconian laws for business's.
    If a company can't make money how will they employ anyone.
    The UAW strangling GM comes to mind.
    So anything that moves to exert control over business be it government intervention or union intervention I'm generally against.

  5. What a cool turn out. Sorry I missed it.