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Josh Heuser, Chad Reynolds and Andrew VanSickle talked about where West 4th St. has been and their vision of where it should go. And I liked it, I'm not sure how they will accomplish it, but with the amount of money they are pouring in there I hope they can twist some arms. Narrowing streets, landscaping and cast iron benches, planters and gas lights seem to be no brainers and will enable the neighborhood to maybe even outshine the Banks. One interesting tidbit, the space that bang occupies is where Carl Solway brokered the deal for the Warhol poster of Pete Rose.
I didn't like the name "Soapbox District" at first, but they keep throwing it around and its growing on me slowly. Andrew claimed it meant "social organization of artist and professionals" to a few laughs. Some of the recently open and up and coming 4th St shops were showcased, the Boss Cox beer brewed by Barrelhouse is awesome! Can't wait to move down there.

Soapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District partySoapbox District party
Josh Heuser
Soapbox District party[where:315 West Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. Those guys are doing a fantastic job...I wish them all of the success in the world. They have just about single-handedly turned around that portion of Downtown. Kudos to them.