my first Cincinnati Smart car sighting

Smart Car
After I took the picture, theres one guy laughing and pointing at someone else kinda like "in your face!" then I noticed the Z4 with the top down. I guess he thought it awesome his 16k car was getting more attention then the 45k car.[where:911 Vine St cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown smart car


  1. There's a yellow one often parked in the parking lot at the corner of University and Reading behind the Children's Hospital Professional Services building. It's been there for at least a couple of months now.

    It's a funny looking beast, that's for sure!

  2. In a few months you can add another one to your list: Terry's on the waiting list for one. :)

  3. Thats sweet Julie, I sat in one when I was in Indy and couldn't get over how big they are on the inside, probably the roomiest interior I seen.
    I'll be expecting a ride.

  4. I saw a blue one in Evendale on Friday! Dunno if it was there for Walmart or GE.