After some rants this afternoon about politics and the economy on twitter this popped up.

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Jan. 2nd the Dow Jones closed at 9034 its highest level since the autumn panic.
Since Jan. 20th the market and consumer confidence have both tanked.
President Obama's policies have become part of the economy's problem.
You know, you can't have hope without hope, but instead of wishful thinking, most of us Republicans prefer hard work. It isn't sexy nor glamorous, but it gets the job done.
Obama is holding up the works by letting failed businesses flail around.
I'm starting to think Bush had it right, at least he wouldn't have been hurting the recovery.


  1. Are you kidding me?? The man's been in for a little over a month and HE'S to blame for the "cratering economy?" Everyone I've heard has said this economy was going to get worse before it gets better. This is a taste of what getting worse looks like.
    And, for the record, most of us Democrats prefer hard work over wishful thinking also. Also over snarkiness.

  2. "most of us Republicans prefer hard work"

    Repubs think that hard work=financial stability. Ask janitors and those who have manual labor jobs how hard they work and how rich they have gotten off of it. Compare that to the jackass that sits at a desk on the phone all day and makes 2-3 times or more what the labor workers make. This concept that if poor people would just "work harder" their lives would improve is nonsense and has no place in reality.

  3. Instead of listening to what "they say" we need to do some critical thinking.
    Once Obama was elected the markets started recovering and confidence went up, hence the market peaking Jan 2nd from its low fall of '08.
    It was only once Obama started implementing his policies that things got truly ugly.
    Therefore, I believe we were better off when he wasn't trying so hard.
    Yes, yes, how tedious is this poor people thing getting?
    The janitor is working hard, I'm not taking anything away from him. I'm criticizing people with an entitlement attitude that the government is going to save us.

    Anymore comments need a signature.

  4. Take off the blinders. He was elected into the enormous mess Bush left. The market had nowhere to go but was at rock bottom when Obama took over. He he has no other option than to implement the policies to try and fix the huge mess left for him. What do you want him to do...nothing? We've seen what doing nothing gets us. Republicans HATE that there is a democratic president in there that is making a difference and can do nothing but try and put a negative spin on everything he does.

  5. Now Mike, you say when Obama took office it had nowhere to go but up and I agree. On Jan 20th the Dow was 8200ish.
    Today it is 6800ish, so in reality it has gone nowhere but down.

    I'm thinking that nothing might be better than whats he's doing.

  6. Oh, I never said Obama was responsible for the mess, we know the previous senate and congress is responsible for that.
    I'm saying that Obama isn't helping and in fact he's hurting the recovery.

  7. Time will tell.
    Im still waiting on "the difference" that is to be made. All it is now is a bunch of promises and a lot of spending.
    As far as the janitor. Noone took a choice of college and education from him.

  8. Well, the market is up 250 today, must be because everyone loves his housing plan. Somehow I don't see CNBC tooting his horn. It probably would have gone up 500 if not for Obama, right? Is that the new talking point once the economy starts to turn around?