It was either a slightly smaller crowd or a way bigger joint, I'm voting Mr. Pitifuls just swallowed everyone up.
I still think its funny how no one twitters at a tweetup.
Crazy how little people resemble their 1/2" square twitter avatar, I didn't recognize anyone.


drinking downtown leads to Shanghi Mama's doesn't it?
I was only going to eat half and save the rest for lunch but the next thing I know it was gone.
What? You've never been hungry.
Pics for my virtual friend @MyColumbusOhBlg, a Cincinnati ex-pat. We need to have a drink the next time I blast through C-Bus.

Shanghi Mama'sShanghi Mama'sShanghi Mama's
[where:main street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown over rhine otr mr. pitifulls
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  1. Looked like there was some good conversation.

  2. That's funny. I thought you looked just like your 2x2 avatar.