ghost sign

I walked down this alley a couple times a week for almost 4 years and this is the first time I've noticed this old sign.
Of course the reason is, its directly across the alley from Parker Flats and my condo.
ghost sign[where:mcfarland street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown mcfarland ghost sign


  1. These signs give us a look back to the past. In some cities these signs have been restored as a part of community Arts projects in Historic areas. It would be nice to see Cincinnati take this approach and perhaps an ordiance baning modern billboards in historic districs would be nice. Many cities EXCEPT Cincinnati have taken a path to eliminate billboards from their historic downtowns.

  2. Thanks Paul, that is really interesting considering whats on the other side of this building, two ugly billboards.

  3. The Neyer building, which is directly to the left, outside of the picture, has some pretty good history to it, even though it's modern-looking now. It was a factory that produced overalls for all the workers at the pig slaughter houses on the river, leading to the Cincinnati nickname of Porkopolis. The inside of the building still maintains a lot of the original look, minus the sweat shop feel, of course.