Cincinnati Supper Club

Another awesome Cincinnati Supper Club last night, but I must say Scott needs to work on the acoustics of his place.
couldn't hear yourself think, next time I'm showing up early and we've stapling egg cartons on the walls.
Most heard phrase, I did this whole dinner for 85 bucks and since it was hand gesture Wednesday some handwaving was included.
Great food, people and food, thanks again Scott.

Cincinnati Supper Club XXII
Holding a beer and snapping pictures with the off hand is not recommended.
Cincinnati Supper Club XXII
I don't know why, with all the Irish themed food, towards the end of the night I'm like Scott is Irish!?!
Cincinnati Supper Club XXIICincinnati Supper Club XXIICincinnati Supper Club XXII
There was almost a fight for the empty spider monkey wine bottle.
Cincinnati Supper Club XXII[where:Cincinnati, OH 45226]cincinnati ohio supper club food beer wine fun mount lookout

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