anonymous in Cincinnati

These guys were on 4th yesterday harassing the crap out of the Scientologists.
The funniest moment, a guy comes running out of their building and sets off his car alarm, honking and the protesters holding signs reading "honk if you hate cults" or something along those lines, are laughing their asses off.
I always wondered, OK, I'm not an expert here but the Scientologists seem to have something against drugs, especially mood altering, anti-depressants etc. But yet every time I walk past at least a half dozen of them are outside smoking cigarettes.
Hypocritical? Maybe someone can explain that.

anonymous[where:4th street cincinnati ohio 45202]anonymous cincinnati ohio downtown
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  1. Protesting with a mask on is like leaving anonymous comments on a website. Let's see those faces if this is really what you stand for!

  2. That's exactly what Ms. 5chw4r7z said.

  3. actually, the Anonymous protest is entirely intentional. They (the group is called "Anonymous") have been doing these organized "anon" protests for a few years now. They are supposed to be wearing Guy Fawkes masks (see, e.g. the movie Z). I only see one of those in the pics.

    Sincerely, Anonymous casey

  4. The protesters claim they wear masks because they fear reprisal from the Scientologists. Ex-Scientologists have some pretty wild and scary stories.
    To get an idea as to what L Ron Hubbard was about - check out his association with Jack Parsons.
    Warning: Fix a stiff drink and fasten you seatbelt.

  5. Wait, AVIS rents scientologists?