you say the ability to throw a party and run a country are mutually exclusive like its a bad thing.

Obama is keeping the streak alive of attracting huge crowds.
Here's the deal, the Republicans have too much signal, sure they make sense and the facts back them up but so what?
The Democrats have too much noise, if there's any kind of message there they bury it behind a cute actress and under couple loud bands.
Hell yeah, we can see her lips moving, where the hell's the beer tent?

In a way I guess it all makes sense. The Republicans paid for this themselves, the Democrats throw their parties on my dime so they can afford a blowout.
5chw4r7z. Fair and Balanced.

Cincinnati Tea PartyCincinnati Tea Party

Cincinnati Tea PartyCincinnati Tea Party
Cincinnati Tea PartyCincinnati Tea Party

Cincinnati Tea PartyCincinnati Tea Party[where:fountain square plaza cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square tea party protest taxes stimulus obama pelosi


  1. We wandered through this after a brunch at Oceanaire on Sunday morning. Admittedly, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal. But I still thought the folks on the square (at least while I was there) were missing some sort of cohesive message. I wanted more than clever sayings on poster boards.

  2. Its not good enough to have a message anymore is it? Its all about the packaging.

  3. What was the message though? The signs being held up ranged from comparisons of Obama to Hitler and Stalin, to Muslim references, to claims of socialism, to complaints about too much spending, etc.

    The whole thing was billed as the Cincinnati Tea Party which made little sense given that the supposed message they were presenting wasn't about taxation without representation at all.

    I wasn't there so I don't fully know, but it doesn't seem like there was a clear message (even though I know what the intended message was supposed to be).

  4. I don't agree with the politics behind the tea party, but I do find hope in a way, anytime people come together with a common purpose and the intent to make the world better.

    As for the messaging, I'm with Randy on this one.

  5. Funny, I didn't hear Schwartz bitch while Bush and the republican controlled congress turned a $200 Million surplus into a $2 trillion deficit. Never heard a peep out of him while Bush raided the treasury by spending a trillion dollars in Iraq, or his tax cuts, which cost the nation 2 trillion dollars and only benefited the top 5% income earners (and really benefited the top 1%). Guess what Schwartz; the party is over and the bill has come do. Obama has to clean up after 8 years of republican malfeasance, incompetence and criminal mismanagement of this nation.

  6. Everyone always forgets the projected in Clinton's projected $200 Million surplus. Bush would have had to bankrupt the country to pull off Clinton's projected surplus.
    Besides, all of Clinton's cuts resulted in planes flown into buildings.
    And its funny how the Democrats campaigned on ending the spending, first the congress and then the president have failed to deliver on the platform they ran on.
    Reagan turned Carter's mess around with tax cuts, not spending. Are you old enough to remember the 11% unemployment and 18% interest on new homes that he inherited?
    And as for Bush raiding money for the war, its illegal for the president to do that, guess what, that's the legislative branch that did that. Don't they teach government in school anymore?

  7. I call bullshit on your "projected" crap, and the only one responsible for those planes being flown into the WTC are the incompetent Bush administration. Bush received a President’s Daily Brief entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” To which Bush replied "OK, you've covered your ass, you can leave". Bush continued vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, TX and stayed on vacation the rest of August 2001.

    I am older than you are, and I remember Reagan's voodoo economics well. 12 years of Reagan & Bush I's supply side mismanagement of the economy was left to Clinton to clean up. We Dems are always cleaning up your messes; Roosevelt had to clean up after Hoover, Clinton had to clean up after Reagan & Bush and now Obama has to clean up after another Bush.

    And the republican controlled Congress did indeed feed bush's spending spree. Or do you have a highly selective memory?

    Now, kindly go and Cheney yourself. Then rinse, lather & repeat.