The Wild Bunch

The latest movie we checked out with Watch This. After Pulp Fiction, The Wild Bunch has been the movie I had been wanting to see. I talked about it so much I was worried I was getting everyones expectations too high.
Billed as the most graphic and violent movie up til then, 1969 it is realitivly tame by todays standards but they didn't waste time getting to the first shootout, without introducing any of the characters the first bloddy shootout begins, we don't know who's a good guy and who's bad but it really doesn't matter becasue as the movie progresses none of the people in this movie are particularly likable. I guess thats too keep you from feeling bad for anyone as they never make it to the end without getting shot.

So along with getting shot theres a bunch of shouting and a bunch of laughing, but it was the forced laugh of someone who already knows they're dead and are just putting on a brave face until they meet their ugly demise. When they loot the browning machine gun you know whats coming as the tension grows until it erupts into a organsim of gunfire that seemingly last forever leaving no one alive. Seriously, everyone including the women die.
I've always maintaned a good movie requires a shootout, a car chase and bare boobs. Well if you count horses chasing a train this movie delivered.
just don't expect to like anyone.
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