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You know I'm always talking about the story. People whether they consciously think about it or not want to do things they can tell a story about. The food truck, the quaint little shop in the Q, the Fever-Tree ginger beer you can only get at Dilly.
It can't only be me? Oh well, whatevas, I love Jeni's Ice Creams in Cbus and last weekend was no exception. One of the first perfect days of spring so how do you top that except with an ice cream cone?

Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams

Please let this wholesome good looking person be Jeni! Please?
If, as I suspect she's just a model, don't ruin it for me.
This is how I always want to remember Jeni.
Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams
Jeni's Ice Creams

On urbanspoon 96% of the people like Jeni's!
What the hell is wrong with 4% of you people?
And why are the two blog reviews both Cincinnati blogs?
Jeni's Ice Creams on Urbanspoon
[where: 45202]
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  1. Jeni's is now available at Coffee Please in Madeira. If you can make it all the way out to Dilly Deli I think you can do the same for Coffee Please!