my friends are the pimpest boo

Everyone has those friends, so amazing you wonder, man what did I do to deserve these guys? Well the Jacob sisters are like that, beautiful on the inside and out, their fatal flaw?
Refusing to let me take their picture. But I can live with that.
Over Christmas they traveled to India to see family and they brought me back a couple incredible souvenirs, amazing!
Of course you know, this ash tray will be in every tweetdeck blogpost this summer.
Beedi and ash tray
Beedi and ash tray
Beedi and ash tray
An antique Indian postcard, beyond coolness.
Indian Postcard
Indian Postcard[where: 45202]best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio


  1. "pimpest boo." Fabulous. From your blog to Grey's aren't half bad either. Great friends with great taste :>)

  2. awwwwwwwwww bobby! we love you too and think you are our "pimpest boos" EVER!

    glad you like the gifts! they've (literally) come a long way baby! ;)

  3. That's a wicked ash tray, but those notches don't look big enough for stogies.