Oktoberfest beer tasting at Market Wines

They're really setup for wine, so its kind of weird doing a beer tasting out of wine glasses. Maybe if they keep doing these they'll buy some mugs.
Or next time I'll bring my own. yeah thats the ticket.
Anyhow, these are all some of the better micro brews so you're not going to go wrong with any of them. The New Holland always seems to take their beer a notch higher than everyone else flavor wise and the Ichabod is no exception. The cinnamon and nutmeg spicy aroma are the first things to strike you as you raise the glass to your mouth. This could be considered a desert beer, if you consider things like that.
The rest of the beers were very good, just not good enough to compete with the New Holland Ichabod.

Market WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket WinesMarket Wines
Debbie Gannaway from Kroeger Meats was cooking some of their wonderful brats and metts, yummie.
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  1. I went to another beer tasting there on Saturday. The tasting menu was different, but I'm sure it was equally as fun. Can't wait for the next one.