MidPoint Music Festival Day 2

Friday night started out clear and cool with tons of promise, we really didn't have any bands picked out in the early time slots then just for the heck of it we went to Javier's to see Boss Monkey which turned out to be a really good pick and we enjoyed their set. Then north to the Coffee Emporium we caught the last song of Jayne Sachs while waiting for Alyse Black. they were both good but I was ready for some high energy so back down to Inner peace for Lonely China Day. They came all the way from Beijing, so I thought we were in for something special. I was really disappointed, they were a performance art type group, but there wasn't enough energy. 4 or 5 minutes of boring followed by a minute or two of holy s#!t!. But too little too late.
Then to the Subway where the The Seedy Seeds were ending their set, this is who we should have shot for, reminding me of the B52's the club was hopping.
After that Chico Fellini was just too weird and too loud to get into.
The shame is not having the festival on Main Street, the venues are so spread out this year it just doesn't seem to have that buzz. Before there was such a mass of people on the street that it really felt like something special was happening. This year just doesn't have that.

MidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music Festival
You know you're a geek when you can't go one song without Twittering it.
MidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music FestivalMidPoint Music Festival
Lonely China Day doesn't translate to the web very good, they were way more impressive in person. For two minutes.

[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Hell or high water ~ I'll be down there tonight. Dying to go to Know and hear the Atari guy!

    Perhaps I'll see you and Don't Call Me Mrs. out and about!

  2. Sweet. Now I'm really famous. Cool that you met Bootsy! I'm totally jealous.