the tables, they are a turnin

If it wasn't for the ropes the Republicans would have been down already.
Not the young Muhammad Ali, no, the old one. The one that had no business being in the ring with an opponent half his age. never mind the fact they were in the same weight class.
Arms up protecting face and stomach with blows pounding ribs and the sides of his head.
If not for the ropes he would be down, it was not the end, but the beginnings of it.
A surprise left hook, the Democrats stagger back blinking.
They were wrong, through the sudden tears blurring their vision, how could they have misjudged this badly.
For it wasn't the old Muhammad Ali in the center of the ring, they'd been fooled for now they were facing the young cocky Cassius Clay who refused to be beat.
And just like that, suddenly it was they who were fighting for their lives.
Palin has turned the tables on the Democrats.


  1. I'll preface this by saying that I'm pretty much a 'fool-me-once' anti-republican (keeping in mind that my first presidential vote was for GWB).

    I'm really disappointed in both sides of this campaign. There are plenty of issues for either candidate to campaign on, and both campaigns have pretty much (McCain admittedly) abandoned that approach in deference to growing a cult of personality. Early on, Obamanites really creeped me out with comments like 'you just have to see him speak' when asked about his position on real issues. I had hoped he was going to pull out his proverbial issue-driven big guns for this last 50 days, but I'm not too hopeful, so to speak. I don't see much difference between Obama circa SC primary and Palin now, other than better timing for Palin.

    4 years ago I would have killed for a chance to vote for McCain (the McCain of 4 years ago, that is), but he has demonstrated that any Maverick he has left in him isn't going to overcome this vapid predictable character campaigning from 4 years ago. Oh well. When it comes to this game, I guess republicans might still have it, but I had hoped with both of these candidates that the game was over.

  2. Sarah's got more stones than the other three combined. That's why we have to put her in, to position her for the next race.

    Campaigns tend to foreshadow the term. So no matter how the election ends, we're in for four years of pure posturing with no real action, just like we're seeing in this race.

    Conservatives handed the Republicans both houses of congress and the presidency. We entrusted them with the reigns of power to enact our agenda. And they squadered it away on wasteful overspending and corruption. So now we're cleaning the RINOs out.

    The liberals already control both houses of congress, but have squandered that opportunity battling each other instead of taking on "the evil Bush." He's only had to veto 12 bills, and only 4 have been overridden. Libs aren't even trying anymore.

    They've pinned all their hopes on Obama, but even if he does squeak into the top job, nothing will change. He talks a good line, but has never really changed anything in his brief career. Just more posturing.

    If you want to hire a change agent, the best guide to the future is what they've done in the past. And the only one I've seen in this whole race who has proven the ability to shake things up, who isn't afraid to break things, who will take-on any adversary (no matter how powerful) in pursuit of good, is Palin.