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Opening reception for The I of the Storm last Friday was interesting. One of the artists I've met before, Brian Joiner, but I didn't see him around. Some people say he can be a little strange, when I met him I must of caught him on a good night because he seemed OK and I thought Cedrix Cox was more over the top that particular evening.

Collectors Art groupCollectors Art group

Anyhow, I don't totally get his art anyhow, but thats me. Everything else was interesting and the companion show going on downstairs in the Bar Association was pretty cool, there were a few Kevin Kelly pieces that had been in AVSArt forever. The series of Robes by Jim Dine were a big hit with everyone as were the nude sketches by Wesselmann. I usually like abstract but wasn't feeling the series they had, something about them, they were abstract but at the same time too regimented like the artist had trouble letting go. Too inhibited?
OK, enough rambling.

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