After realizing how close our work places were, Kate and I decided last week to meet up for lunch, she had good things to say about Cilantro so thats where we headed. Fighting my way there through five thousand students moving in, I didn't have good feelings about Kate making it, but fighting her way through she did.
The place wasn't much on decor, but I liked the food, very light flavors and tasty.

students moving inCilantroCilantroCilantroCilantro[where:2516 Clifton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45219]cincinnati ohio downtown
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  1. Cilantro is one of my favorite places around town. Love that place.

  2. Kate is fab for suggesting great places to eat. She'll never ask to meet at Applebee's. In fact - she introduced me to a new little breakfast spot in Covington by that famous chef in town...

  3. We are regulars there. I love Sate. its what I crave on a chilly day. Darren (the owner) is great. I just wish they were downtown so I could eat it more. I keep trying to convince him to move, but I dont think it will happen for a long while.