MidPoint Music Festival Day 1

MidPoint all started off early with Seabird on Fountain Square, a pop band the crowd was really getting into.
Then we were off to Cadilac ranch for Marvin and the Experience. I was skeptical about how the festival was going to work there, but it seemed to work out good. As the earliest show, and on a Thursday the crowd was never going to be huge and it wasn't. Off to twist then for a slight diversion as we tried to catch but missed the Christian Moerlein fashion show to kick off the new Moerlein online shop. Then a foot race up to Below Zero for Daughters & Sons. Willy Morren had so much soul, ala Chris Robinson of the Black Crows, I can't believe I've never heard a buzz around town about band this good. Watch out, these guys should be going places.
Hated to see that set end, then it was back down the street for the Turnbull AC's in the Inner Peace Holistic Center. That place was hot, not rockin hot. Hot.
Tired with a splitting headache right now, the next two nights should just get better.

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  1. 5chw4r7z: So did places like Inner Peace get temporay liquor licenses?

  2. Inner Peace was serving beer so they must have got a weekend license.
    It wasn't as bad a venue as I'd thought its be, but I think MPMF is hurting not having MainStreet.

  3. Sorry we weren't able to bump into one another at Twist. I had already left and worked my way up into OTR by the time you got down there.

    Downtown and OTR were jumpin' with activity last night, and I expect it will be that way for the rest of MPMF. Great stuff.