I finally gave into the dark side


UPDATE: 5 hours into the iPhone and I'm loving it. How the hell did I make it this long without one?
UPDATED UPDATE:One week later, I love it even more. It amazes me people can function as basic humans without an iPhone.


  1. Bob, Sorry to hear you chose to enter with this product. This is not your usual Apple device. I waited until the second gen to dive in and am pretty unhappy. I did a lot of research and would not have bought it except that my SO wanted one real bad, she gave me one for my birthday and got one for herself. Hers seems to work better than mine but she is not as demanding a user. I had well founded grave concerns about leaving Verizon. I hate that Apple chose to lock it in on AT&T.

    Like the device, hate the phone, AT&T sucks. I had more dropped calls, calls not going through in the first week than I had with Verizon in 4 years. I went in on day 29 with the intent of returning it and made the mistake of letting them talk me into loading the new update and replace the SIMM card, it's better but still not right. I am compiling a list of issues with date and time and I am going back to get it replaced hoping it's the hardware. Currently I have 25 entries in 16 days, no 3g or intermittent 3g downtown and Covington, 3g in and out, only 2 bars and no 3g in Madeira, screen blackouts, failed calls, dropped calls, calls that don't start ringing for 10 to 15 seconds.

    Hope yours works out for you but my advise is don't pitch you old phone right away.

  2. I bought a 3G for me and one for my wife just a few days ago. I am seriously surprised that it's better than all the hype. This thing is amazing.

  3. They are Applelicious, the apps are very cool, but so far my AT&T experience has sucked. I am trying to squeeze in the time this week to go back to the Apple store and AT&T for the third time. I think part of the issue is I came from Verizon and was used to excellent service, mu SO came from Bell and the phone issues don't seem to bother her as much. What phone service did you guys come from?

  4. I had a Sprint PPC-6700 which I hated 5 minutes after buying. this iPhone is so much better theres no comparison.

  5. hmmmm. interesting comments about the A. i want one and am THIS close to buying one but some people love it..some hate it. what to do? i could wait another 3 weeks until the next new improved fabulous wonderful gadget comes out...

  6. By the way Bob it's about coming over to the light side as far as the device goes, as to the phone it IS the dark side.

    For me the love/hate thing has more to do with the phone SERVICE than the phone. In general in the Cincinnati area f you came from Verizion you won't be happy, if you are with AT&T, Cincinnati Hell or Sprint your expectation is most likely low and you will be. The other variable is where you spend most of your time and your cell tower proximity . I was very hesitant because of data like this.


    Plug in 45202 and 41011 and you will see why.