MidPoint Music Festival

Are you ready?
Ms. 5chw4r7z and I spent half last night plotting it out, looks like MPMF is going to be awesome again this year.
Its spread out,
gonna take careful planning,
to exploit this fully but I'm sure we'll pull it off.
I'll catch you out there somewhere I'm sure, having fun.
MPMF 2007
MPMF 2007 Day 3[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio mid point music festival


  1. Come check out Scott Metcalf at Coffee Emporium at 11PM. You will not be disappointed. Great music and great spot to end the evening.

  2. I am not as jazzed about it this year. No one on Thursday or Friday really popped out at me like I just have to see them.

  3. Dan, no one will ever live up to Gito Gito Hustler a few years ago.