wait, what twilight zone episode was this again?

Cincinnati Imports, another successful night of great conversation with people passionate about Cincinnati and what ever else they have going on.
Strangest thing in the world, meeting new people who are not on twitter or blogger.
Bill, drop me an email next time you head to the Northside tavern.

Cincinnati ImportsCincinnati ImportsCincinnati Imports
I almost got a picture of the elusive dorkandhispork in the wild
Cincinnati Imports
Tells you how often I get out, getting from the Northside to 4th St downtown includes a run across Ft. Washington way.
Yeah, figure that one out.
Cincinnati ImportsCincinnati Imports[where:4163 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45223]cincinnati ohio northside tavern beer imports


  1. Just get off at fifth street. right on plum. right on fourth.

  2. great photos as usual bob. it was fun seeing you last night!

  3. It was great to meet you on Wed.