OTR and The Q

The weather last Saturday was so awesome we just had to get out, and Outside in the Q was celebrating their first anniversary.
Good enough excuse for me.
Hadn't been up there for awhile, its still nice to be pleasantly surprised at the number of people walking around and going in and out of shops.


Favorite convesation overheard on Main St,
"Lets start on the magnum first, its going to be a long day"
this was 12:30ish.
in the afternoon.


One day I'll ask Ken and John what the story is behind the three little pigs.
Market Wines for a tasting, my crushed iPhone was a big hit there, a good conversation starter.
Kung Fu Girl wine[where:the gateway quarter vine st cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio otr over rhine vine st

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  1. Oh! I hadn't known about their first-year anniversary. I'll have to make a stop in!