b-b-bopp'n around town

Ran into the new president of the DRC tonight, Chris Wiedeman, super nice guy, he's got some big shoes to fill because it seemed like Conrad was everywhere. I'm sure he'll do a good job. We're almost neighbors it turns out.
Seems like it was warmer on the way home this evening than it was on the way out.
But it was a nice relaxing way to close out, this afternoon was kind of weird, actually it started out strange with the drunk guy chasing the bus this morning at 6am. Gets on shouting then plops down behind me shouting that even though he can't read, he knows where the bus stop is.
At least he's not shouting at himself to shutup on top of it.


Cold turkey
You know how you always think, "that would be a cool band name" about names that really wouldn't be cool band names.
It might be a cool name for a restaurant.
Maybe not either

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downtownShanghi MamasShanghi MamasShanghi Mamasdowntown

I love Fountain Square.
I'd marry it if I could.
Genius of Water
[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. Shanghai Mamma's rocks, if you haven't witnessed the million noodles performance there you should. Now that I think of it someone needs to video it and post on Youtube.