Mainstay Rock Bar

A very soft opening yesterday for Opening Day with just a few customers and a couple SoapBox District heavy hitters Chad and Josh.
They have some interesting ideas, which knowing those guys will be close spot on.

Mainstay RockbarMainstay RockbarMainstay Rockbar
Its a rock bar.
get it?
rock bar...
Mainstay Rockbar
One day walking down 4th this picture in AVSArt stopped me in my tracks, I ran home and got Ms5chw4r7z and walked back.
It was gone.
I know where it is now, man, Johnny Cash was the original and he rocks.
Mainstay Rockbar[where:301 W 5th St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown mainstay rock bar


  1. I have that Johnny poster (the actual picture), it is 40 x 60 and it rocks! Johhny Forever!

  2. And so when are we going to this fine establishment? Well, I guess I'll be the judge of whether it's fine... but even if it's not, I'll probably like it :)

  3. I don't see a pinball machine. but it looks nice. much nicer than the poison room ever looked. are you going to use the upstairs too?

  4. Funny you asked that, there was a pinball machine. Didn't hear if they were going to use the upstairs or not.
    Hell, it looks better than the Poison Room, Viper Room, fathoms and what ever the hell it was after Spy Bar.

  5. first, had not noticed the yeah yeah yeah's lyric. nice. second, happy opening of the "elm st. cafe" or diner or whatever today. third, when this place officially opens, we should grab a beer and finally meet. this is getting ridiculous.

  6. ok, I went there on saturday night for a drink... I did not see a pinball machine. Where was it? what was it?

  7. Maybe the pinball machine was temporary? It was right next to the SD booth.
    I think it was star Wars, but probably not.