Parker Flats Friday

Parker Flats April 2

Don't hate me because I live in the most awesome condo in southwest Ohio...
Oh OK then, go ahead, I don't blame you.
The first Chelada of the season, I forgot how good Landshark tastes, a touch of sweetness cut by the ice. Mmmmm
Sitting out on the deck with a beer and cigar I was amazed at the amount of joggers going by,I mean, I know there are a bunch downtown, but there was a veritable parade of runners going past that I never saw on 7th St.
Deriving sustenance from a steady supply of Big N' Tasty's, beer and cigars I applaud their tenacity to beat their bodies up running.
Parker Flats April 2

For all the hand wringing the duck squeezers do worrying about the state of recycling in the city, I can almost with certainty state that nothing of value from a dumpster in the city ends up in a landfill.
This one gets combed over at least ten times a week by 3 or 4 different people, it is comprehensively picked through before it heads off to its demise at the landfill.
Parker Flats April 2
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  1. Looks like a good cigar! I can't wait to bust open my humidor.

    If someone can find something in the trash that they can use or get money for...I say go for it. I'd rather see that than our landfills get filled up.

  2. Things I have found in a dumpster:

    1) a mint condition wire mesh trash can

    2) a t-shirt with the tag still on it

    3) a mint condition baking pan which I gave to my erstwhile gf so she could make brownies for me but she never did

    4) carpet (good condition, cut and used as door mat)

    Anyway, thanks for not calling the cops on me while I go through your dumpster. But if you could throw away a DVD recorder that would be great, thanks.