Fountain Square Flower Carpet

Is it really over already, it went fast, summer has to be almost officially here now.
I can't tell from ground level, this design was harder to move around and divided the Square up. But from above, I really liked this years design over last year.

Fountain Square

The Banks are still progressing nicely.
Can you believe I heard a couple guys around UC complaining about it and saying they'll believe it when they see it?
Obviously they don't get downtown often.

The Banks

4th & Plum, the Gramercy doesn't get all the glory in the summer. I need to make friends there asap.
Yep thats my condo right there in the background.

4th & Plum[where:1 fountain square plaza cincinnati, ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square flower carpet


  1. The flower carpet kinda looks like mold.

  2. It was sponsored by P&G, soap bubbles attacking mold?

  3. That's a great update photo of SCPA...thanks for sharing these.

  4. i love your aerial of the flowers. since brian works for target, i see bullseyes. although soap bubbles also strike my fancy.