Vigils @The Know

Know Theatre

What I like about the Know is their philosophy of what the limits of the stage should be and what a play should be and encompass. This is also what I hate about them.
When its good, it’s really really good, when its bad, it can be a train wreck.
But with Vigils they hit the nail right on the head.
The fireman bursting through the door and the ceiling of the burning building collapsing, if that doesn't send shivers up your spine, wow.
The Soul, a top-notch portrayal by Fang Du was captured by his wife exiting his body and forced to remain on Earth, reliving his last dying moments over and over. Torn between his desire to leave these memories behind, and his fear of judgment setup some of the more dramatic scenes.
The widow, Jenny Guy, also an excellent performance, torn between holding onto her dead husband’s soul and moving on with her life. Funny how it seems she had a better relationship with his soul than she did with him.
I felt the end drug out a little too long, but the cast's performance, the stage and story arc more than made up for it.
If you get a chance, see this show, the last of the season for the Know.
Know Theatre
[where:1120 jackson street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown jackson street underground otr over rhine theater

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