I know, everyone in Cincinnati has been to Fresh Fare already, but I haven't.
I expected it to be nice but was really shocked when I got inside, the place was incredible.
So why can't they take this, scale it down 50%, halve the selection and plop it downtown?
I can't imagine that people wouldn't shop there.

Kroger FreshKroger FreshKroger Fresh

They had samples every ten steps I swear.
This particular sales strategy might not go over good downtown for obvious reasons.
tasted awesome, way better than it looks.
Kroger FreshKroger FreshKroger Fresh

I thought this was an inspirational touch, most of the shelves were curved, giving a larger and more dramatic display in a smaller space.
Kroger Fresh

Hey Kroger, if you had updated your website I might have thrown you a link but you listed Atlanta as the only Fresh Fare.[where:montgomery rd kenwood 45202]cincinnati ohio food groceries


  1. where is that place? hyde park?

  2. Kenwood Towne Center.
    Would have helped if I added that.

  3. Fresh Fare is really great -- and it ought to be the first thing they build (after the freakin' parking garage) at the Banks. How can you have a thriving downtown without a grocery store where people can shop for food? C'mon.

  4. I don't get it.
    After all the hype, this place left me completely underwhelmed.
    It was cramped, cluttered, awkward & a little dark.
    The selection seemed about on a par with the Oakley Biggs.

  5. I, Quimbob, posted the last message.
    This thing won't recognize my Google account even tho it seems to recognize me, so I have to post anonymously.
    yay - into the future.....

  6. No problem Quimbob,
    the only anonymous comments that get deleted are ones that are personal attacks and/or add nothing to the conversation.
    I appreciate your comments.

  7. I love this Kroger, I'm glad I don't shop there all the time, I'd be broke!