just like downtown, our own steak-gasm

Off to the Precinct for the 16th Anniversary, I really liked the place, super friendly awesome service, although for the money we shelled out it should be.
One complaint I've heard from people is how cramped the place is, but you know what? I liked it.
Everyone packed in, a young couple to my right, just out of high school maybe.
An extended family in front, some girls out on the town all kind of jammed in. The young couple seemed really excited for what ever reason it was our anniversary. And the extended family from grandma down to the little girl running around making a nuisance out of herself, lucky for her little girls with ponytails get a free pass.
Maybe its me, but the snippets of conversation here and there when ours lagged, maybe twitter isn't too far off the mark anyhow.

The PrecinctThe PrecinctThe Precinct

The steaks were absolutely incredible.
AND the bill was a 20spot less than what I'd thought it would be!
How often does that happen?

The PrecinctThe PrecinctThe PrecinctThe PrecinctThe PrecinctThe Precinct[where:311 Delta Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown steak beer wine precinct
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  1. i found the precinct to be a pretty decent value when it's all added up. food, service, experience... not a bad deal at all.

    my mouth is watering... i'm gonna go get a steak. so what if it's 10am?

  2. I am a big fan of the Precinct. It was the first JR restaurant I went to, and it is where I set the bar. The wait staff was really friendly and knowledgeable, and the food was excellent.

    In comparison, when I went to Jeff Ruby's downtown, the wait staff seemed like they were doing us a favor by waiting on us.

  3. my sister's fav. restaurant! i've never been though!

  4. I love the Precinct, though its been at least a decade (pre-kids, money, time, etc). I remember my wife got pork, and it was good, though it smelled a tad bit like ass (no lie, we kept hoping someone didn't think we'd broke-wind).

  5. One of the few places you go to where you see two tip lines. How much did you tip the Captain? LOL

  6. UH OH, I need an education on that, only left one tip. But it was a big one, hope they share.
    It was like almost a 30% tip.

  7. I've been out of town and only just saw this today. Wanted to wish you and EM a very happy anniversary!

  8. Thanks you very much VeggieOption!

  9. i've been once. steak was cold. didn't know that was an option. never been back. i go to red now.