More Metro Musings

After my rant the other day about the Metro, I got an email from Chris, a U.C. law student who I'm sure doesn't even remember what the term spare times means. But he was still able to throw this together, a proof of concept for what I imagined the other day, a Google mashup showing bus routes. Now, if he can do something this nice that makes the metro page smell like bad eggs, why can't the Metro hire one or two people and put something really fantastic together. Oh yeah, as Jackie would say, "Anyone want to try to tell me again why transportation is best run by politicians?"
They have no reason to creat a better webpage, as government paid salarymen, why go out and look for trouble, staus quo man all the way.
By the way Chris said this is "very very very beta mode" so no expectations for it please.
UPDATE: now includes link.

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