eating and drinking in Dayton

One of my Youngstown buds is in Dayton a few days for training. I'm going to run up and meet him but know nothing about Dayton so I did a search in gmail for Dayton and emailed everyone who mentioned it at any point. So far I have suggestions for The Pine Club, Carvers and the Rusty Bucket. Does anyone one else have ideas?
How the heck did we survive before the internet?


  1. On Brown St. less than a block away from the Pine Club is Milanos which is great. There are a lot of places on Brown because it's sandwiched between the University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital.

    Close to downtown is the Oregon District which has some great restaurants and a some bars. I recommend Pacchia, Cafe Boulevard and the Dublin Pub. If you're into thai food, try Thai9. It's historic and urban.

    Then, in nearby Beavercreek is The Greene with a bunch of places ( They are all pretty cool and worth the experience. I recommend The Pub or Adobe Gila's. It's new and upscale, developed by the same people that brought Columbus Easton Town Center.

    It all depends what you're into and how much you want to spend. There are plenty of Dayton blogs that profile things like this.

  2. I'll second the suggestion for Carver's. Fantastic thick cut, bone-in pork chop.

  3. After a quick scan of your posts it's apparent you're hitting the cool places in Cincinnati—not West Chester... I wouldn't go to The Greene, forget the chains. My top pick is always Coco's in the Oregon District. The feel is right, the food is right—you're gonna have a good time when you're there. And if you want drinks before and/or after you can just walk down 5th St. where there's bars a plenty. Let me know where you end up and and what you think of the place.

  4. I'm leaning towards Dublin Pub right now, looks like a good balance between upscale and not too expensive ness? is that a word? LOL
    I don't want to break the bank.
    But yeah, I avoid the chains like the plage. Except for McyD's, the 5chw4r7z has no defense against the Big&Tasty.

  5. I used to live in d8n - I also think you'd like the Dublin Pub. I haven't been there in awhile, but they used to have cigar nights and a good cigar collection. Not sure what they are doing now that Ohio has a smoking ban.

    Also in the Oregon District is Jay's Seafood. It wins a lot of awards so if you hanker for fish that's the place to go.

    I wouldn't mess with the Pine Club.